Lighting Supply

We offer a large range of lighting fixtures such as Office and General Purpose lights such as: Modular lights, Technical Downlights and Spotlights, Weatherproof Fluorescent fittings, Decorative Lights and external lights.

Lighting Design

Technolight is ready to satisfy customers requirements in Lighting Design. Aware of trends and improvement in both techniques and technology. Handles projects from creative conceptualization to execution and implementation.

Technical support & Installation

Assist product management in developing and prioritizing enhancement lists for products by communicating repetitive customers issues and relaying customer experiences.

Lighting Automation System

It is a fact that technologies change and evolve throughout time. This every new technology arise, which eventually replace those becoming obsolete. For this reason, our proposal is aimed to the usage of a service gateway whichmakes transparent to the user the actual underlying technology which provides the service even if it should change at any time.

Emergency Lighting System

Is designed to create personal safety and allow the safe evacuation of the building. An emergency lighting system must work faultlessly in all situations which is why high demands are made on realibility
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